The Berg Lake Trail is located minutes from the Mountain River Lodge, this is one of the classic Rocky Mountain trails. Berg Lake is a lake in Minnesota and has an elevation of 1414 feet. In September, for instance, the Berg Lake Marathon uses the trail as the race course, with the runners going from the visitor centre up to Berg Lake and then back down. The trail twist and turns alongside a gorgeous river bringing you first to Kinney Lake, which is about a 4.2km hike in. The Berg Lake trail starts at the Mt Robson Visitor Centre an hours drive from Jasper. Snowbird Pass is located 7 miles up a glacially carved valley that spills into Berg Lake. Berg Lake is displayed on the Cotton USGS quad topo map. Given the distance and elevation gain acquired we recommend this as a hike from one of the campsites between the Emporer Falls Campground and the Robson Pass Campground. The hike to Iceberg Lake near Whistler takes you high into the alpine, following the scenic forested trail near 19 Mile Creek before arriving at a beautiful meadow in the foreground of Rainbow Glacier. I f you are hiking Berg Lake trail and are planning to camp, there are a few key items you will need. Berg Lake stretches for over 2 kilometers at an elevation of 1695 meters, and gives you a full look of Berg Glacier which can be seen calving into the lake. This is a truly wonderful hike.Not much elevation & very easy to do for all ages. It basically follows a light blue, glacier fed river through the forests of evergreens. Emperor Falls Campground to Berg Lake Campground. When you finally reach Berg Lake (elevation 1,628 metres) rest your weary limbs and enjoy an up-close look at Mt. Hiked up on 2020/09/13 and down on 2020/09/16. Elevation Gain (m): 1100 Trip Date: September 24, 2013 Total Trip Distance (km): 36 One Way Time (hrs): 6.5 Quick ‘n Dirty Rating: Class 1/2 – you fall, you tripped over your own feet Difficulty Notes: On-trail hiking and backpacking the entire way from the trailhead to Berg Lake.The difficulty is with a one day push with a full backpack. The Berg Lake Trail is an iconic 21 kilometer linear hike in the heart of the Canadian Rockies that has awe inspired hikers for decades. Berg Lake can be visited on a day hike, as a short backpacking trip, or as part of the 65+ mile-long Moose River Route. Inland rainforest, waterfalls, mountains, lakes. Robson and the Emperor Face. I've done it twice, once as a day hike and then more recently as a 2 night camping trip. Permits to stay at Berg Lake can be purchased at the Visitor Centre near the trailhead. One night of camping en route at Kinney Lake, Whitehorn, or Emperor Falls is recommended. A moderate to strenuous backpack to Berg Lake (25.2 miles round trip with 2,600 feet of elevation gain with 1-2 days travel each way. What to Bring? A super scenic 50 km round trip backcountry adventure. Berg Lake sits on the North side of Mount Robson, which stands at a towering 3695 meters above sea level. Waterfalls, bridges, lakes - this trail has it all and is in excellent condition. Distance from Berg Lake Trailhead: 4.5km/2.8mi (to the start of the lake, 7km/4.3mi to the end of the lake) one way Hiking time: 75 minutes one way Elevation gain: 131m/430ft. If you start Iceberg Lake Trail right after hiking 7.3 miles from Agnew Meadows (gaining 1,250 feet of elevation from the canyon containing Olaine Lake), the switchbacks that lie ahead may prove tiresome. 2-4 days as a multi day Elevation Gain: 800 meters; Difficulty: Difficult because of length; Best Time To Go: July – September Parking: Kinney Lake Road The beginning of the Berg Lake trailhead is only a short drive away from the Mount Robson visitor center and just 87 km away from the town of Jasper. People are allowed to bike up to Kinney Lake, where there are bike stands for people to lock their bikes up. From the parking lot to Kinney Lake is a relatively easy hike that lasts about 7km with some moderate elevation gain. 1- The Berg Lake Trail is a 23km (one way) backcountry trail with about 800m elevation gain. We were ready to start on one of the best hikes in the Canadian Rockies. The views are spectacular and the trail ascends through some very unique terrain for the Rockies. The Kinney Lake campsite is located 2.5 km (1.6 mi) past the start of the lake, which makes it a great first night for campers starting the trail later in the day. The latitude and longitude coordinates of Berg Lake are 47.2231388, -92.3874882 and the approximate elevation is 1,355 feet (413 meters) above sea level. The trail celebrates not only the natural beauty of the Canadian Rockies, but also highlights the magnificent Mount … From the parking lot to Berg Lake is 21 km, with 790m of elevation gain. Of the three giants resting on the lake’s shoreline, Berg Glacier is one of the few advancing glaciers in the Canadian Rockies. Berg Lake Trail Overview. Our family of 4 hiked only upto Kinney Lake. Our multi-day backpacking trip at Mount Robson, is 21 km one-way with an elevation gain of 788 m. The trailhead begins at Berg Lake and follows the Robson River to Kinney Lake, through to the Valley of a Thousand Falls, past Emperor Falls ending at Berg Lake. This tool allows you to look up elevation data by searching address or clicking on a live google map. Campsites Before Berg Lake. While there we did two day hikes, one to Hargreaves Lake/Glacier and Toboggan Falls (9km) and one to Snowbird Pass (24km). On the fifth day we began our hike back out and stopped for the final night of camping at Kinney Lake camp ground (14km). Berg Lake is displayed on the Kenai B-4 USGS quad topo map. This was the big one! Elevation Gain: 5,400 ft Start Time: 6:37 am Duration: 10:25 hours. The whole trail offers 800m elevation increase over 23 km. You will first pass through a beautiful old-growth cedar forest. The trailhead is located some distance from the visitor centre, so we drove in, parked the minivan, and geared up. The Berg Lake Trail is known far and wide as a world-class backcountry hiking trail. Hiking the Berg Lake Trail in British Columbia. Berg Lake Campground is only three miles of hiking with 84 feet of elevation gain from the Emperor Falls Campground. Berg Lake is accessible from the Berg Lake Trailhead just off of Canada Highway 16. The campsites at Berg Lake are at an elevation of 1650m (5400ft) and it can be cold up there any time of year. The Hargreaves Lake & Toboggan Falls Loop in Canada’s Mount Robson Provincial Park is best accessed as a day hike from one of the backcountry campsites on the Berg Lake Trail. This makes a day trip quite accessible for those who pedal up to continue on foot up to Berg Lake. Berg Lake from Mapcarta, the free map. Located in Mount Robson Provincial Park, the Berg Lake Trail is one of the top hiking and camping destinations in all of the Canadian Rockies.Although it is a long journey (46 kilometers total), the hike is definitely worth it. The main trail stretches about 23 kilometres, gaining just under 800 metres in elevation over that length. The latitude and longitude coordinates of Berg Lake are 60.2527606, -151.1601626 and the approximate elevation is 154 feet (47 meters) above sea level. This page shows the elevation/altitude information of Berg Lake, Fraser-Fort George H, BC V0E, Canada, including elevation map, topographic map, narometric pressure, longitude and latitude. The trail follows the Robson river from the south face to the north face of the highest peak in the Canadian Rockies Mt. … It's even more "do-able" if you have a bicycle, since bikes are allowed on the first ~8 km of the trail, up to the Kinney Lake flats at the head of the lake. Although that is the length of the main trail, there are several side trails for hikers to explore. There is an option for helicopter drop-off at Robson Pass. Choose one with a hood for extra warmth. It takes you through different biogeoclimatic zones, offering views of waterfalls, lakes, glaciers and, of course, different angle of views of Mount. If you camp overnight at Ediza Lake, you may be feeling spry and you bound up stone steps built into the slope south of Ediza Lake. Overall I would say the Berg Lake trail is an easy hike with moderate sections. You start from the Mt Robson Visitor Centre & then walk steadily uphill till you reach Kinney Lake. The trail then ascends a boulder field to Iceberg Lake next to Rainbow Mountain offering … Kinney Lake is … Berg Lake, Berg Lake Trail, Regional District of Fraser-Fort George, British Columbia, Canada - Free topographic maps visualization and sharing. hiking out to Berg lake, where to stop Kinney Lake. Berg Lake is a lake on the Robson River just below the river's source located within Mount Robson Provincial Park, at the doorstep of the north face of Mount Robson, the highest peak in … Known for its reflective surface and popularity for day hikers Kinney Lake is a perfect place to stop along the trail. This means there are opportunities for beginner to advanced backcountry hikers along the way. Pack a lightweight and compressible sleeping bag rated at least 5C/41F but preferably more like -10C/23F. Spent one night at Emperor Falls campground and two nights at Berg Lake campground. Length: 41.5 km Duration: 8-14 hours as a day hike. The trail climbs gradually alongside the Robson River (a tributary of the Fraser River) for 4.2 kilometres (2.6 mi) before reaching Kinney Lake.After crossing a steel bridge at the end of Kinney Lake, it is just 2.8 kilometres (1.7 mi) to the Kinney Lake campground.After leaving the Kinney Lake campground the trail climbs and then descends a small bluff. If you can, take the flats from Kinney Lake campground to save yourself some elevation. From here cyclists must continue on foot. The Berg Lake Trail campsites with distance and elevation markers. The trail allows for bicycles as far as Kinney Lake, with a bike lock-up provided around the 8 km (5 mi) mark. Robson. Anyone who is interested in visiting Berg Lake can print the free topographic map and street map using the link above. Of all the hikes we went on during our three week adventure the Berg Lake Trail was the one that I obsessed about the most. Choosing your campgrounds along the Berg Lake Trail: There are seven campgrounds along the Berg Lake Trail in Mount Robson Provincial Park; therefore, a multi-night backpacking trip to Berg Lake is relatively easy to plan.. Each campground offers reservable tent pads, which will … The Berg Lake hiking season is limited by snow, and how early you can hike the trail will depend on what sort of winter its been. Anyone who is interested in visiting Berg Lake can print the free topographic map and street map using the link above. On the second day we hiked to the Berg Lake camp ground (10km) where we will stay for 3 nights. Even in the summer you might see icebergs floating in the icy glacier water. When we woke up it was still … Our second day was our easiest day on trail. This is a non-strenuous hike with a total elevation gain of only 400 feet (800 feet if you go all the way to Berg Lake), however it is a bit of a distance to Kinney Lake (over 14 km round trip). Berg Lake Trail.
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