Language: English Location: United States Restricted Mode: Off History Help Am I supposed to be stirring up the substrate weekly, or will the MTS do the job? If I were to get one, he’d probably go in my 6.8 gallon with my oldest betta (who probably wouldn’t even notice the cray in the tank). Thanks! Crayfish and mexican dwarf crayfish tips? 😊. This crayfish very small sized, reaching a maximum size of 1.6 inches (4 cm). We're also here to help you if you need advice. Add to Cart. I don't think it will have too much of an effect on it's labyrinth organ just as long as you clean the oil stuff off the surface regularly. They have a size that more closely mimics that of a shrimp, making them a great option for smaller aquariums. Eso Rimmer 1,385 views. My last question focuses on two of the crayfish, the ones that won't eat. While they get along with a much larger variety of tankmates than large crayfi… You could get a betta condo which you put up against the wall. I have terrible OCD, and I have to keep the water level above the black trim at all times. If so, for one betta, one craw-fish, six neon tetras, and 2 african dwarf frogs, how big of a tank do i need? I don't think it would travel very far though. This makes it a prime candidate for small or nano aquariums, such as 5 to 10 gallon tanks. No problem Octopussy, the more information the merrier! (I have bettas too) It's hard to get rid of, it keeps coming back. I found that if the water hasn't got sufficient filtration and surface agitation that's when the bubbles and oily film appear. In many subtropic habitats, there are dense shrimp populations in the waters, and some of their members are eaten by the crayfish there. Do stay away from the tank, though, because when they rise to the surface they stink! It's important to consider what species of crayfish is in question, before simply resorting to saying "all crayfish eat fish." For the past three days, my male has been a *bit* more inactive. The grease can come from foods, most fish food has a bit of fat which can cause the oily surface which means so can fish waste. Originally I wanted an electric blue crayfish but quickly found out they are too aggressive to have in a tank with a Betta. Keep an eye on the crays and for any of the old exoskeleton laying around. Should I leave dead fish and bio matter for my crayfish to eat in the tank. But I do have and few questions regarding the tank and inhabitants. Good examples of the latter are the Rummy-nose Tetra, the Least Rasbora and the Pristella Tetra. It's really hard for me to find female bettas where I live. You love betta but you cannot put multiple Bettas in the same tank. Just today I saw the female doing the same thing. Press J to jump to the feed. Could this have a damaging effect on the bettas labyrinth organ? 2 days ago, he started curling his tail in, which he normally doesn't do. I once even kept a completely blind betta fish with an adult female dwarf crayfish, without the slightest issue. These fish are in close … However, I saw conflicting posts about having dwarf crayfishes with a betta. Dwarf Crayfish & Betta Fish: Peaceful Tank Mates Leave a Comment / Care, Community, Tank Mates / By Jennifer Doll You might have heard that betta fish can’t be kept with anything else, at all. I'll see if I can siphon some of the oil out. It's only the male that still isn't eating much. The larger female who seems fine HAS molted already though. Big Ear Betta; Big Ear Half Moon Plakat Betta; Big Ear Plakat Betta; Crowntail Betta ; Crowntail Fancy Betta; Crowntail Fighter Betta; Dragon Betta; Female Mixed Betta; ... Brazos Dwarf Crayfish 2.5cm / 0.9" (55pcs) $310.58 $155.29. Females sometimes do it too.🎓, That oily surface happens with all bettas. The filter isn't intentionally baffled, but the way it's made, the flow is very gentle. You don't mix crayfish with fish...Crayfish EAT fish. Also KK, if I may ask, where did you get your female bettas from? Finding the right blue crayfish tank mates isn’t always easy. However, the shrimp compensate for this fact with a strong reproduction rate. How will they ever rise to the surface if I can't reach them? You need some sort of surface agitation to keep it from coming back. Wouldnt keep then together as I've seen a crazy who has zillion hiding places try to rip a bettas fins ro shreds. Blue Dwarf Crayfish, ambarellus shufeldtii $ 14.99 $ 12.99 Read more-21% Out of stock. Never mind that though, the question was posted over 3 years ago and has long been solved. On Sale! The guy has a nice setup and a betta condo + crayfish. 😊, By entering this site you declare Dwarf Shrimp with Crayfish. Guppy, glass catfish, ghost shrimp, ember tetras, dwarf crayfish *You should avoid keeping your Betta with fish that are bigger in size, have big fins, are bright in colour or have the tendency to nibble. Out of all the crayfish available in the pet market, Cajun Dwarf crayfish (Cambarellus shufeldtii) are the most adorable because of their miniature size.I have kept and successfully bred Cajuns for the last year and a half, and I will explain what I have … Dwarf mexican crayfish comes both from Mexico and the USA. I wish I remembered where I read this, sorry I'm not of more help! You don't think it may have come from feeding frozen bloodworms? Originally I wanted an electric blue crayfish but quickly found out they are too aggressive to have in a tank with a Betta. I once even kept a completely blind betta fish with an adult female dwarf crayfish, without the slightest issue. If it's too oily it may make it hard for them to breathe. A varied diet is the key to a healthy dwarf orange crayfish. So, it is quite a challenge to get it right with female bettas & crayfish, and if you don't mind losing a few of them you can give it a try. No need to remove the film daily, just add an air stone or two and keep the current on high and the film should disappear slowly. I think it is twenty gal though. Although I haven't feed bloodworms since before the last water change... Any ideas on some of the questions on the original post? Dwarf Crayfish are truly unique looking tank mates and as you’ll find out each one of them has their own interesting personality. So the gas pockets aren't harmful at all? I have a betta and 8 ember tetras in a 15 gallon tank, I was wondering if I could keep a dwarf crayfish in here. The tank is dirted, topped with sand. The first picture was taken right after the bettas were acclimated, so water was removed. I got mine from a locally owned fish supplier. I think ur tank I very pretty!! They’re often called many different names interchangeably. “Blue”) that is especially desirable. It prefers places with slow water flow or standing bodies of water. Thanks for the help! Electric Blue Crayfish Don't worry about the air pockets underneath the sand, I get them all the time. Have you baffled the filter with a plastic bottle? I b... Why a Betta fish can NOT live in a bowl or tank smaller than 2.5 gallons. Hi, I’m very new to aquariums and wanted to get a 20 gallon tank with some unique fish. The subreddit for anything related to aquariums! I've noticed the male becoming increasingly interested in both females, but I haven't seen any signs of mating. As for the feeding method, feed the bettas floating foods, and then right when they are fed, feed the crays so the bettas are occupied and the crays get something to eat. Now I'm seeing lots or bubbles and a strange "oily" film on the top of the water. But other than that time, it's always up to the filter outflow (hang on back filter). While this is true for the most part, there have been some success stories with keeping bettas with small invertebrates, like dwarf crayfish. These crayfish come in a blue variety (Cambarellus texanus var. Can I keep wild or tame Crayfish with my male veiltailed betta in a ten Gal... Can a wild crayfish live outside in a tank during the winter. Dwarf mexican crayfish CPO attacked Betta Splendens - Duration: 0:27. Dwarf orange crayfish diet. Crayfish. Crayfish. Questions about betta and two Cory catfish in 2.6 gallon tank, Want to find suitable tank mates for my crayfish. Patzcuaro is from Cambaridae family, Cambarellus species. You folks need to join a Betta Group on FB and get educated. I have not seen the blue dwarf in two days so I assume the orange dwarf ate it. I was lucky, as they keep all their female bettas in the same tank, so there was hardy any aggression! Dwarf crayfish are undemanding when it comes to housing, and a handful of them can be housed comfortably in a 10 gallon (45 litre) aquarium. Which leads me to ask, could the small female be ready to deposit eggs on her belly? I know sand is prone to collecting pockets of anaerobic bacteria, that if released, can harm the fish. From us: That is always a possibility but if there are enough hides they generally get along and it's definitely a possibility that it is just … Water with high mineral content – talking about hard or medium-hard water – is beneficial for the formation of their exoskeleton. But everyone knows bettas are pigs when it comes to food. Whatever you call them, all … Save 50%. The bettas in question were also female, hence why bubble nests did not seem like a plausible answer. They do not dig into substrate very often, nor do they harm plants. I do have some Malaysian trumpet snails in the tank, but I'm seeing some pockets of air trapped deep under the sand. Moisturizers on your hand can also leave an oily surface... other than that I don't know what else would have caused it! Dwarf Crayfish vs. Or put sponge on the intake tube?. Dwarf crayfish may not survive for so long in soft water. The only crayfish that will actually take and eat the food is my largest female. Not worth the risk imo, I agree crayfish or any invert with clicky claws like ghost shrimp are dicks. I've been trying for a month now! Keeping shrimp in the same tank as crayfish is possible, given that you choose compatible species. My three crayfish were introduced to the tank three days before the bettas. 10 gallon tank with male betta, African dwarf frog, black mystery snail and... How do I tell if my Electric Blue Crayfish's eggs have been fertilized. *Pictures will be attached*. 😊 But I feel taking them into the net every day would cause too much stress on the crayfish. Apricot Crayfish $ 24.99 $ 19.99 Add to cart-20%. If so, how can I accomplish this without stirring up all the dirt or uprooting the plants? I also find with this stuff you can't see the filter moving the water in your tank, it's quite strange. Buying a Betta fish in Singapore. Hi, I’m very new to aquariums and wanted to get a 20 gallon tank with some unique fish. The brazos dwarf crayfish is one of the most popular dwarf crayfish to be kept with betta fish. The small female and the male recognize that the food is there, but don't seem to want to eat it. This certainly can't be good for the bettas. Crayfish. I know nothing about popping the gas bubbles or how to accomplish this, sorry. 😲. The best tank mates for a Betta fish are peaceful bottom-dwellers such as the Pygmy Corydoras or dwarf schooling fish that are fast enough to discourage chasings. you read and agreed to the. when I previously had Betta fish, I noticed the bubbles also. 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