I've recently been looking at withdrawing from the College of Engineering and reapplying to my university's College of Arts and Sciences, but I'm terrified that my low GPA disqualifies me from consideration. Press J to jump to the feed. You’ll Achieve Professional Success. This is Reddit's very own solution-hub. It's not even like I don't get it or anything, I just feel tired all the time and haven't been studying for my exams. Thermodynamics and fluids. I had chances; I screwed it up. Looks like you're using new Reddit on an old browser. The same with my statics and dynamics. I stopped remembering it. Sure, sometimes its high stress deadlines and long hours without overtime pay. I was in a somewhat similar situation going into my last 3 semesters. I guess you can say I am a junior? Engineers are like the wizards of our society; everyone wants them to fix their problems, and no one is quite sure how they came up with the solution. I have met people with mechanical engineering degrees working as a plumber. From the moment I hit middle school, I faced a constant bombardment of IIT-JEE prep courses and general railroading towards the engineering world, especially as both of my parents are computer engineers. If you choose to study chemical engineering, you may like to specialize in chemical reaction engineering, plant design, process engineering, process design or transport phenomena. It is almost the end of the semester. I know that studying and working are different, but I feel that I would be unhappy doing it. There are full video tutorials and a facility to provide email help if you get “confused” (provided you are logged in). "Engineering is hard for everyone. hopefully, New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the EngineeringStudents community, Continue browsing in r/EngineeringStudents. The reason people struggle in stem majors, is in part because of people like you, that say either you get it or you don’t, and that just isn’t true. Using MATLAB and that sort of stuff. Afterward, be an engineer or don't--the world's your oyster. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. I was in the same boat as you and switched to earth and atmospheric sciences. I managed to BS my way into a top engineering college on the East Coast, and I am struggling like I never have before. Don't Let These 10 Study Abroad Myths Hold You Back! Life isn’t easy when you’re a chemical engineering student. Have you gone to any organizations/meetings where real world people present? Engineering gets to be fun. Numeracy skills – You don’t need to be amazing at maths to become an engineer, but it helps to have a strong grasp of numeracy and a general interest in the subject. Try and get some work experience so you can see what it's like for real. I’m in my 20s, I’ve got a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in engineering from a prestigious school. 4.1. Tips & Advice; Let’s be honest - the idea of studying abroad is as daunting as it is inspiring. Over time we will be updating this section and including more information for those who want to study engineering in the USA and for other countries, but please feel free to post your thoughts and comments on our Facebook fan page, and also follow us … I'd punch me in the face. You can change later. I ran into an MIT mech. It's a major asset to have. I put my head down, allowed myself to be bullied into submission, and said okay. Being an engineer is an admired job title; those who don’t study the subject will be impressed when they hear it. The same with my statics and dynamics. Liberal arts are for white kids, they said. I come from a heavily conservative Indian family, which means that while growing up, my parents have constantly been telling me that I need to study either medicine or engineering. You could apply this to any job. You'll spend 3-4 years learning a subject you don't really enjoy and then work in a related field for maybe the rest of your life. Looking at it credit-wise, I have 70 credits and have 60 more to go. It's easier to switch from a rigorous college major to an easier one, plus many of the courses required for engineering are transferable to other disciplines. It is in the low 2's. Engineers have so many projects and options they can explore because there is always a need for improvement in the world. It's better to just take a gap year and reapply if you're confident you don't want to do Engineering. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. I'm not a bad student, either. Now, Engineering is not as broad as other disciplines. And now I'm at the bottom looking up. But I don't think I have that option anymore. There’s still some hiking to do to reach the peak. People have a lot of expectations from me and even I have. But there's also an occasional spontaneous beer pong tournament on a late Friday afternoon. He started his own business and is now making more than he would have if he stayed at his previous job. Either they have the human decency to support you in what you want to do or you don't deal with them. Get one step closer to your dream job. Now I'm flunking college and I have no clue what to do. One of them a modern physics elective and the other a ME class dealing with numerical methods. I cannot tell them that I have been depressed for the past three years, that I am absolutely miserable watching my friends live out their dreams elsewhere, that I feel guilty because maybe I am being ungrateful and throwing away a shot others would kill to have. What's this about you not liking math? I am a more hands on type of person. I can't bring this up to my parents, because when I do, they give me the same stock responses, every time. Look into MMET - a lot of your credits will transfer there and sometimes people find more interest in classes when you can get more of a physical feel of the material. Reply. It has to be followed with curiosity, say, what else can you do with garlic and pepper the next time you will cook a meal? I'm not saying you won't ever see a FBD again, but I will assure you it's not going to be your own personal Sisyphean rock that'll crush you every day of your working life. I was enamored, and began to think that maybe I may have a chance to study what I wanted. I’m going to keep the identifying information to a minimum because I’ve got a lot of friends who browse this site. After all, you’re studying one of the most challenging subjects imaginable. Nobody believes that guy. The catch? Can the engineers share some info here about post-grad careers in engineering? Both my parents say the friends and colleagues they know who stated work as engineers have left apart from two. You don't need to go to college just because people think you need it to be successful. No matter how you'll choose to proceed you have by no means wasted 4 years. But right now, I don't feel like it anymore. If you don't think you can finish the degree, then change. Mechanical engineers do everything under the sun. You've got to recenter yourself. Maybe study abroad? W hen interviewing the students about their t houghts of educ ational choice in upper . It's a problem we've all faced, myself included. Finish mechanical engineering if you're almost done. One day, I'll make something that can help change the world, and that's why I wanted to become an engineer. They learn about economics, business, ethics, and communication. Answer questions on your preferences, passions, and interests. Stop debating and focus on your studies. Studying and working are VERY different. You don’t need to know exactly what you want to do and it’s OK to be interested in a number of areas (after all, your degree will allow you to explore these areas in more depth), but you should demonstrate that you at least understand what careers the course you’re applying to can lead to. It's crazy talk. You simply cannot do a job you are not enthusiastic about without some kind of consequence. I have been on and off part time and full time for those 4 years. This nonsense about government is just an escapist fantasy." Employers want to hire employees who can participate in managing the firm. That's not acceptable. You have to demonstrate a passion and a talent for some areas that apply to engineering, but you don’t have to be highly talented in ALL the areas. How do you get to study when you have zero motivation to do so? Study General Engineering – learn how to explore your passion for making and unmaking things. I like Science and engineering, but I don’t want to study it. Being an engineer is fun because I get to use magic to create things every day. Discover our most recent ranking of the best universities for chemical engineering here. Receive a tailored profile that suggests careers and study paths that suit your skills . Of course, not every study is the same and you need to be well aware of your job chances after the study. Maybe this could be an option for you. "If you want to study government, pay for it yourself," I was told. School mathematics and physics provide the tools we need, so we offer around 300 questions adapted from OCR A-level papers. I had straight As in high school, and got really high grades in my writing and singular environmental policy class in college. Thermodynamics and fluids. Any employer is going to view you more favorably if you have an engineering degree than if you don't. You can still go into business consulting or other fields with a mechanical degree. I am lost. Read more How to Handle Peer Pressure in Engineering University. Everybody has issues that they run into, and everyone needs advice every now and again. I wanna disappear. That's how you burn out. Even if you’re going to end up with a dream job afterwards, that doesn’t mean there aren’t things you would change if you could.
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