5.If the smart phone’s camera is focused on the display panel of the washer, the panel and error message is automatically recognized and the error type and countermeasures are displayed on the smart phone. 4.Connect the ends of the water supply hoses to the water supply intake connections at the back of the washer. Create and/or use a cycle you have customized temperature, spin. If you select the Tap Cold, all the lamps for the water temperature options are turned off. Also, the chosen cycle and option lights will flicker. WA45K7600AW Top-Load Washer, 5.2 cu.ft. Congratulations on your new Samsung washer. This setting is best for most. If the washer is level, the pulsator (A) is positioned at the center of the water as shown in the figure. Use this appliance only for its intended purpose as described in this instruction manual. Use for loads that need rinsing only or to add rinse-added, WA8000J_WA8700J_WA52J-03133Y-07_EN.indd 33. 9.Do not add gasoline, dry-cleaning solvents, or other flammable or explosive substances to the wash water. Unpack your washer and inspect it for shipping damage. • Avoid splashing or over–filling the compartment. Do not use hot water from water cooling/heating devices. 4.To cancel a Delay End function, press the Power button and then turn the washer on again. To cancel the “dC” mode, deactivate the Child Lock function. Because the following operating instructions cover various models, the characteristics of your washer may differ slightly from those described in this manual and not all warning signs may be applicable. The washer will not dispense powdered detergent from the liquid detergent compartment. Find all the parts you need for your Samsung Washing Machine WA52J8700AW/A2-0002 at RepairClinic.com. The “Delay End” indicator will be lit, and the clock will begin counting down until it reaches the set time. Turn the front leveling feet clockwise (B) to lower the washer, and counterclockwise (C) to raise the washer. You can also browse the most common parts for WA52J8700AW/A2 / 0000. Clean the interior of your washer periodically to remove any dirt, soil, odor, mold, mildew, or bacterial residue that may remain in your washer as a result of washing clothes. Do not wash laundry contaminated by oils, creams, or lotions usually found in skincare shops or massage clinics. Color: White . •Set the temperature and spin according to the attached care label. Use this function when the laundry is heavily contaminated or stained. It adds 15 minutes soaking time at the start of the wash cycle for, Press once to turn your washer on. You can set the washer to start your wash automatically at a later time, by choosing a delay time. Add all laundry additives to their respective compartments before starting your washer. Close the faucets before continuing. That’s why the level is not revealed. This may result in electric shock or injury due to water leakage. •Use caution when removing laundry from the tub. Please read this manual thoroughly to ensure that you know how to safely and efficiently operate the extensive features and functions of your new appliance. Wait for the door to unlock automatically, and then open the door. Leave the lid open to allow the inside of your washer to dry out. This may result in the rubber seal becoming deformed and water leakage. •If the water supply hose connectors are loose, it may result in water leakage. ATC is the control function that the washer controls water temperature with temperature sensor (thermistor). Failing to do so may result in a water leakage or overflow and. Failing to do so may result in electric shock or fire. Select the Quick Wash cycle and add bleach to the automatic dispenser. on the appliance. carefully by color and soil level, and avoid overloading. As well as being harmful to humans, it may also result in electric shock, fire, or problems with the product. SHOP PARTS. We also have installation guides, diagrams and manuals to help you along the way! With a strong spray and soapy water recirculated by the AquaJet™ pump, laundry can be more gently and thoroughly cleaned than in conventional Top Loads. Has enough space so that the washer doesn’t rest on its power cord. Check with a qualified electrician or serviceman if you are not sure whether the appliance is properly grounded. 1.To enable the Smart Care function, press and hold Pre Soak for 3 seconds after turning the power on or when an error occurs. You may bump your head on the Built-in sink. For smaller loads, use less than one capful. (Other devices may not be normal operation). This manual contains important information on the installation, use and care of your appliance. •Confirm that there are rubber washers inside each coupling of the water supply hoses. An improperly connected equipmentgrounding conductor can increase the risk of electrical shock. Use the softener compartment ONLY for liquid fabric softeners. Select a cycle using the Cycle Selector. Control Panel; Cover Top; Frame; Main Assy; Tub Parts; Location on Diagram Part Description Price & Availability; Sale. Water flowing out of the washer may cause burns or cause the floor to be slippery. Water Jet is available only when the door is open with the water level set to less than High. •Do not reuse old hoses. To ensure the correct water usage, connect both the hot and cold water faucets. The drain hose must be routed through the drain hose clip to the standpipe. WA52J8700A* models have the Built-in sink over the pulsator level. This will shut off the water supply to your washer and prevent the unlikely possibility of damage from escaping water. Do not wash or dry articles that have been previously cleaned in, washed in, soaked in, or spotted with gasoline. WA8000J_WA8700J_WA52J-03133Y-07_EN.indd 42. This may result in electric shock, fire, problems with the product, or injury. This function sets the temperature somewhat lower than the typical washing cycle and extends the wash time slightly. Indicates that a risk of personal injury or material damage exists. For prewashing, use the Built-in sink that is designed to facilitate the hand-wash. 1.With the door open, lower the Built-in sink . Rinse the inserts and the drawer with warm water to remove traces of accumulated laundry products. Your washer has separate compartments for dispensing detergent and color-safe bleach and fabric softener. • Medium - Use for jeans, wrinkle-free or wash-and-wear items, and. Old water supply hoses can leak or burst causing flooding and property damage. Close supervision of children is necessary when the appliance is used near children. They can scratch or damage the top cover of the unit. WA8000J_WA8700J_WA52J-03133Y-07_EN.indd 48. Find Part By Symptom. Excessive use of Water Jet increases water consumption. Delay the end of any cycle for up to 19 hours in one-hour increments. Water Jet and Built-in sink help you handwash before the washing machine starts operation. Do not insert your hand under the washer. Water may leak outside the tub, causing a system failure. Affresh Washer Cleaner 3 Pack. WA8000J_WA8700J_WA52J-03133Y-07_EN.indd 20. Do not spray cleaners directly on the panel. See the “Pause Option” section on page 38 for additional details. The Sound Off function can be selected during all cycles. The washer drive motor is one of the more expensive components to replace. Press Delay End repeatedly until the delay time is set. When the washing machine is turned off before starting the wash cycle, it drains the water to be used during the prewash. If not, level your washer by turning the front leveling feet clockwise or counterclockwise as necessary. Samsung has a nationwide network of authorized service partners which perform Samsung washer repairs. This may result in discoloration, deformation, damage, electric shock, or fire. 6.If the smartphone fails to recognize the error code more than twice, please enter the error code displayed on the display panel of the washer manually into the Smart Care app. The last saved settings will be displayed the next time you choose the My Cycle function. The cycle will resume. Shop Parts; Appliances ; Lawn & Garden; Heating & Cooling; Start Right Here Find appliance parts, lawn … Are you looking for information on using the Samsung WA52J8700AW/A2-00 washer? This product contains chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. 4.To clean the drawer opening, use a small, non-metal brush to clean the recess. This compartment holds liquid detergent for the main wash cycle, which is added to the load at the beginning of the cycle. Unplug the power plug by holding the plug. Samsung is guided by a singular vision: to lead the digital convergence movement. If a child enters the washer, the child may become trapped and suffocate. 8.Before your washer starts to fill, it will make a series of clicking noises to check the door lock and do a quick drain. buttons being pressed, the power automatically turns off. If you hold the smartphone at too large an angle relative to the front of the display panel, it may not be able to recognize the error code. Do not block the outlet of Water Jet with hands. It causes the washer to. Samsung Washer WA52J8700AW. completely – a rug, a pillow, stuffed toys, or one or two sweaters, for example – add a few towels to improve spin performance. Their design is subject to change without notice for product improvement. The dispenser automatically releases liquid fabric softener at the proper time during the rinse cycle. 5.When Calibration Mode is finished, “End” appears on the display, and the washer automatically turns off. Do not place any heavy or sharp objects or a detergent box on the washer. Once you have activated the Child Lock function, it continues working even if the power is turned off. •Is away from heat sources such as oil or gas. Type: Top Load . If the appliance is flooded, cut the power immediately and contact your nearest service center. Easily pre-treat your clothes with the ActiveWash built-in sink and water jet. ft. Top Load Washer With Activewash™ White. Washer controls allow, causing your Washer to turn off. … 3.Clean the following as recommended: Control Panel – Clean with a soft, damp cloth. Then the washing machine drains the water to be used during the prewash. We have use … •Individual branch circuit serving only your Washer is recommended. •If light from a light bulb, fluorescent bulb, or lamp is reflected on the display panel of the washer, the smartphone may not be able to recognize the panel or error message easily. The estimated cycle time will appear in the display. Pull the dispenser drawer straight back until it stops. HYDROGEN GAS IS EXPLOSIVE. Do not touch the power plug with wet hands. All Rights Reserved, Us Craftmaster Water Heater Replacement Parts. Carpeting and soft tile surfaces are contributing factors to vibration which can cause your washer to move slightly during the spin cycle. • Never pour undiluted liquid chlorine bleach directly onto the load or into the tub. (WA52J8700A*), Press the button repeatedly to cycle through the different spin speed. View and Download Samsung WA52J8700AW instruction manual online. Android: Galaxy S series, Galaxy Note series. The actual time required for a cycle may differ from the estimated time in the display depending on the water pressure, water temperature, detergent, and laundry. In addition to their normal service network, Samsung has partnered with several national service providers to assist with this washer recall. •Your washer is equipped with a power cord. If you open the lid and want to continue the wash cycle. 2020 QLED 2020 The Frame 2020 The Serif Rethink What Fits - 75"+ TVs How to Use Your Smart TV When you initially install the washer, be sure to use new hoses. Make sure that the connection between the drain hose and the standpipe is not airtight. Do not place any non-laundry objects, such as shoes, food waste, or animals into the washer. •Pressing Power cancels the cycle and stops your washer. Smith Failing to do so may result in electric shock or fire. WA8000J_WA8700J_WA52J-03133Y-07_EN.indd 40. Child Lock prevents children from playing with your washer. Is away from heat sources such as oil or gas. •To cancel the “CL” mode, you need to turn the power off and then on again. 20 washes) is recommended. Periodically check that there is no leakage from the water inlet hose fittings. Has a hard, level surface without carpeting or flooring that may obstruct ventilation. 3.Select the appropriate cycle and options for the load (see the "Washing a load of laundry" section page 30). Failing to do so may result in property damage or injury. WA8000J_WA8700J_WA52J-03133Y-07_EN.indd 25. Have this appliance installed by a qualified technician or service company. other than the standard fuse. •Failing to do so may result in electric shock, fire, problems with the product, or injury. The pulsator rotates clockwise and counterclockwise approximately 1 minute. Convenience Ratings: Capacity: 5.2 cu ft - Interior capacity is 35% higher than average. Press and hold for 3 seconds to save your own cycle. •Failing to do so may result in electric shock, fire, an explosion, problems with the product, or injury. 2.Wait for the door to unlock automatically, and then open the door. If you plug the power plug into the socket in the opposite direction, the electric wires within the cable may be damaged and this may result in electric shock or fire. If the drain hose is installed below 39 in (99, cm), water can be drained in cycles due to a, siphon phenomenon. Since the entire washer has a high-gloss finish, the surface can be scratched or damaged. The Wash, Rinse, and Spin indicators will illuminate during those portions of the cycle. Use cleaners labeled “Washer safe”. To remove or add laundry items, follow these steps: The lid cannot be opened when the water is too HOT. Do not install your washer in areas where. Waterproof sheets and all water resistant items should be, Use the waterproof cycle for waterproof or water-resistant, items such as mattress covers, plastic mats, ski pants, raincoat. It is the personal responsibility of the appliance owner to provide adequate electrical service for this appliance. WA8000J_WA8700J_WA52J-03133Y-07_EN.indd 8. (less than 14lbs), If you select pause during the heating portion of the Sanitize. Do not ground the appliance to a gas pipe, plastic water pipe, or telephone line. Press the button to select the soil level/washing time. The washer will not dispense powdered detergent from the liquid detergent compartment. WA8000J_WA8700J_WA52J-03133Y-07_EN.indd 46. If you press My Cycle and release it within 3 seconds, the previously saved cycle and options appear. Install your appliance on a level and hard floor that can support its weight. Do not use benzene, paint thinner, or alcohol to clean the appliance. 3.Press Start/Pause. Samsung WA52J8700AW/A2 5.2 cu. For lightly soiled garments needed quickly. This may result in injury. The water supply hose connected to the hot faucet must be connected to the hot water supply intake and the water hose connected to the cold faucet must be connected to the cold water supply intake. Change from spray rinse mode to deep rinse mode, and rinse once, To increase your energy savings on your wash cycles. Table of Contents. At this time, you can control the wash temperature, the number of rinse cycles, the spinning speed, and the delay time by pressing the appropriate option button. The washer should not rock or vibrate excessively when water is supplied or when washing or spinning, and should drain well during the spin cycle.
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